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Placer Legacy and the Placer County Conservation Plan


To get things done, particularly big things and especially in the public sector, disparate interest must come together for the good of the whole community or organization. The effort is especially challenging in today’s current politically divisive climate.

In 1997, the Placer County Board of Supervisors initiated an open space planning effort. The goal was to create a solid foundation that planned for expected buildout of the region while protecting and preserving Placer’s magnificent agriculture and natural resources. In a region with fast historical growth, stakeholders had developed a culture of intense confrontation and litigation.

Robert’s district faced tremendous growth pressure and also housed significant agricultural lands and natural resources. He worked tirelessly to bring together environmental, agricultural, developer and environmental regulatory interest.

The County’s open space policy, now known as Placer Legacy, was adopted in 2000. To date, it has preserved forever over 10,000 acres.

Further, the County, in partnership with the City of Lincoln, is finishing the final work to complete the Placer County Conservation Plan. It will fold the lengthy state and federal environmental permitting processes into local land use regulation. It promises to result in significantly improved conservation while dramatically streamlining exorbitant permitting time and costs. Its comprehensive scope is unprecedented.